​​Transworld Television (TWT) is the leading distributor of television series, documentaries, feature films, motorsports, education and general entertainment programs to service the developing Middle East and Africa broadcast market.

TWT was founded in 1979, with a pioneering, passionate and strategic vision to service the developing Middle Eastern and African broadcast market with high quality broadcast material sourced from international producers. Our energy and enthusiasm remain undiminished and we are adapting and thriving in the dynamic television business, responding to technological change and opportunities for developing revenue channels, as the market diversifies.

We are proud of our contribution to the Television industry, serving as an efficient and knowledgeable bridge between producers and executives at television stations. The secret to our longevity and success has been the combination of our in depth knowledge of the market, cultural sensitivity, personal touch and ability to respond rapidly to change. 

If you are a "start up" TV station, or an existing broadcaster operating in our territories, TWT is an efficient point of call for your content requirements. With our fully diversified and high quality catalogue, we aim to exceed your expectations. Our executives provide you with assistance in your content selection and helpful advice on developing your grid in line with your viewer demographics.

 By offering a fully comprehensive operation through assuming responsibility for marketing, sales, servicing, technical evaluation and accounting, TWT provides a complete business solution for the Middle East and Africa, affording our busy producers peace of mind.  Our services include professional handling of producers’ catalogues, effective management of content sales and distribution, realistic forecasts, reliable sales and efficient revenue streams.